Monday, 31 August 2015

Vegan Mofo Day1: Breakfast Mushroom Sandwich

Rise and Shine it's Mofo Time! Not only is it MoFo time it's Spring here Down Under woot woot!

This year I'll be posting the "pretty" blog photos, and then I'll put photos of how I actually ate it. And at times, it might just be how I ate it. Because let's face it, we don't all wear nice frocks and eat tiny sandwiches under bunting with vintage picnic rugs and baskets. More often than not, it's a vegie burger in the car, a bowl of something in pj's (while perching on the 5cm of couch  left to me while being carefully watched by 8 hounds) or eating something one handed while typing with the other.

I don't know about you, but sometimes real breakfast is a luxury item that I can't afford with the little time I have. So often, by the time I've fed the houndies, fed the cats, checked the chooks, and got ready it's time for me to leave and all I've managed is a cup of tea or a juice as I run out of the door. Or, I fall back on toast, which let's face it, quite often isn't really nutritionally optimal, and doesn't keep me full for long. So, this morning, although I knew I had to leave in good time to take The Baz (our fourth canine child) for his therapy appointment -it's about 1 1/2 hr drive in peak- I made sure I was going to have a good brekky to keep me going through the morning. At the moment I have the task of making sure fosterkid Murray Hound has some physio before I leave as well. Breakfast was something I was going to have to eat in the van on the hop. 

A Mushroom Sarnie seemed like a pretty good idea to me - throw two field mushrooms on the sandwich press to use as the 'bread'  and I could wrap it up and take it with my travel mug of tea.  I spread them with coconut oil, and then put chopped tomato, avocado, kale, tahini, and some pepper between the mushrooms. Voila!

I had the presence of mind to prep everything ready to go the night before too, so all I had to do was throw it on and wait for it to "toast" while I sorted out something else. By that I mean Baz, who is usually quite reluctant to get up when he knows he is heading out for an appointment and would rather stay in bed next to the heater (wouldn't we all?!). That said...30 seconds on the table for his "back tickle" and acupuncture and he's out like a light...what a dog!