Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sprout & Bean Catering Shenanigans

Ready for food!

Cups and saucers
Picnic blankets and cushions

Mrs Sprout and Mrs Bean in action!

I know, I've been terribly slack, only one post this week. I promise, I'll make it up to you. Last two weeks have been a little bit crazy with Sprout & Bean doing a couple of parties, but tired though we are, it's amazing getting great feedback and people who want to know more 
about us and are interested in hiring us in the future. Last night was a 30th birthday party for a friend, and we had a lot of fun styling and getting our vintage crockery and whatnot.  Unfortunately we didn't really have the opportunity to take more photos, but you can see the picnic baskets and cute bottles of lemonade in some old drawers. Mr Sprout found us a swag of picnic baskets for props and we have some vintage thermos that added to the picnic afternoon tea theme.  We provided the props and the vegetarian and vegan options and were delighted that people loved what we offered. Mrs Bean made an assortment of gluten free choc ganache tarts and some cappuccino mousse pies, I made the usual gluten free goats cheese tarts, and for dinner we made an assortment of yummy salads, haloumi skewers, and chickpea Caesar bites, and marinated pumpkin pieces. And dessert...we did a sundae bar with an assortment of toppings like raspberry curd, lemon curd, vanilla sugared almonds, choc hazelnuts, ganache, and caramel sauce with proper sundae glasses. Want to hire us? ;)

A little while ago we also did a Tiki-tacular night which was also a heap of fun. It was a fundraiser night for Quizworks ministry and although it was a little cold being the end of March, those who came made it a great night. The event was held in the churchyard of St John's in Ashfield, and we had lots of curious onlookers walking by (obviously wishing they could join in)and some donated even though they weren't part of the night which was great! It was a great opportunity for us to link our beliefs in vegetarian food for compassionate and environmental reasons with people who are sharing Jesus with kids - after all, Jesus is all about being compassionate! We did haloumi skewers with lychees and cherry tomatoes; mini pineapple pizzas, a tiki- slaw created for the night; a green salad; coconut lime rice; and huli huli tofu. Dessert was a little boat with a mini coconut creme brulee in a shot glass, a raw vegan choc truffle, and a pineapple shaped cookie. 

Mr Bean having a good time at the bar

The dinner..or part of it, as you can see quite a bit got eaten!

Dessert boat

Mr Bean, Mr Sprout, and friends handwork in setting up the atmosphere 

Mini pizzas

The bar

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