Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Rawmazing Race: Raw Pasta in Rome

Tonight's dinner is pasta - zucchini noodles that is, with a "cheezy" sauce made from sunflower seeds and cashews, with some garlic, nutritional yeast, and a bunch of pinches of this and that which I can't really remember! I topped the pasta with some chopped capsicum, mushrooms, and spinach, and a few  olives. I don't know if I can get through the entire plate, as I am pretty full still from lunch, which was kale wraps. AND I'm managing to stick to this even though it was -1 when I got up this morning and it's about 2 degrees now (Celsius that is). I have been having hot herbal teas, and a glass of warm water with lemon juice when I get up, which has probably helped. I don't feel overly hungry or desperate, although when it is heading towards meal times I am getting a few random cravings (like mac and cheese which I don't really like that much?) Sales meeting at work involved chicken Caesar wraps...luckily just the thought of eating chicken makes me want to barf anyway, so I had no temptations today! 

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