Sunday, 30 September 2012

October Vegetarian Challenge

When people complain of lack of variety in veg food I always think of hippie herbivore Neil in The Young Ones being responsible for dinner but always cooking lentils (even if occasionally, there's a bit of crockery mixed in ).  We don't just eat lentils - and if we do, they are bound to be tasty, delicious, gourmet lentils of course!

With October being the Vegan Month of Food, Be Kind to Animals Week being from 1st-7th October, and World Animal Day being on the 7th October; if you aren't veg already, I challenge you to try for four weeks! If you can't handle cutting out all meat, dairy and/or eggs, just try cutting out meat and fish. And if you really can't handle that, try eating veg Monday to Friday? It really is easier than you think, better for your body, and better for the environment. Not to mention better for the animals! With so many people blogging for October, there's plenty of food for thought, and yummy recipes to try. It may just surprise you how tasty vegetarian food can be. and I'd love it if you told me how you are going/went. I had a couple of people accept my challenge last year and it was very positive - so give it a shot!

To see what Vegan MoFo is all about go here. And if you want to hear about a lady that is nothing but kindness itself to animals, read all about Pam and the team at  Edgar's Mission - they do such a fantastic job at not only rescuing animals, but educating people - and that my friends, is half the battle.

Happy vegging out!

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