Saturday, 16 February 2013

Sprout & Bean & A Mexican Fiesta

Mrs Bean and myself had the exciting task of creating an entirely vegan Mexican feast for a wedding last weekend. The wedding was for the very lovely, very talented and amazingly creative Lyndsay and Ben (you can see just how creative they are over at White Pixels and  Made By White) Imagine a feast of colour for the eyes... pinatas in various sizes, giant paper flowers, bunting, colourful tables, and a huge backdrop of paper flowers bursting out begging to be used by Jess at In An Instant Photography for fantastic photos. 

The sheer volume of work, time, and effort makes me want to cry, while the other half of me just wanted to sit and stare at it all day! It was nothing short of amazing.

 But I digress. On with the food.

Lyndsay was quite enamoured by the idea of vegan pinata cookies.

Sure I said, I'm up for a challenge. And while I did attempt to make them they turned out much too bulky for any kind of sensible person to eat, so we stuck with a striped pinata shaped cookie instead. They were freakin' cute I tells ya! I won't lie, they take quite a bit of work, so set aside a day to make them and pump out a lot of them. I'll do a separate post on how to make these babies. We made up picnic boxes of tortilla pinwheels with avocado, spinach, rocket, and roasted capsicum, baby dip cups of hummus, and little bundles of vegie sticks tied with blanched spring onion stalks. The boxes were Lyndsay's idea and they were really cute for a snack right after the ceremony, along with mini bottles of virgin pina colada.

For dinner, we made up bowls of multi coloured corn chips, char grilled vegetable salsa, tomato and cucumber salsa, a fiesta slaw, kidney bean salad, Mexican rice, sweet potato and quinoa chili, guacamole, cashew queso, vegan sour cream (made with tofutti and lemon juice) soft taco tortillas.

 Ben and Lyndsay did all the decorating, food tags etc...basically they made our food look awesome! For dessert, we had a dessert bar! Raw vegan strawberry cheesecake; fruit skewers with vegan marshmallows and brownies; watermelon slices with mint sugar; coconut creme brulee shots; and mini cups of fruit salsa with heart shaped cinnamon tortilla crisps. I wish everyone would ask for dessert bars because they are SO much fun to do!


  1. Looks incredible and yummy! Would love to try all of it.

  2. This looks AMAZING!!! You put our wedding to shame. I hope it was well appreciated :)

    1. Oh yes! the bride and groom were very happy and that's what counts!

  3. Hi Kate! Wanted to stop by and say hi :-) This wedding post is amazing! Can't believe all the work that went into everything, but I bet it was worth it.

    Hope all is well!

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