Sunday, 26 May 2013

Pack of Heroes: Superhero Snacks

Image from John D-C

Hello dear readers, it's time for some shameless plugging on behalf of the amazingly creative Phil of Adventureland Games. He also just happens to be Mrs Bean's hubby. The sweet cheeks, as she calls him, has been designing a new game along with good friend and uber talented John D-C, artist extraordinaire! The game is called Pack of Heroes and is styled on a vintage comic book theme. Move over Avengers, you have nothing on the super powers of  the six awesome teams of Power City! If you love the superhero genre you will love this game, even for the concept and artwork alone. I've been lucky enough to get a few sneak peeks. Did I mention John has actually designed and made six action figures?! Wowsers! The two have worked very hard on it for most of this year, and I really hope it gets moving. To get it off the ground and distributed more widely requires quite a bit of financial backing, so through Kickstarter they are hoping to achieve this goal. To have a look at the promo and/or pledge to be a part of this super fun project go right here. And even if you don't want to pledge have a look at it and pass it on to someone you know who might!

Phil walker Harding and John D-C (photo from John D-C)

So you may be wondering what this has to do with a food blog. Well superheroes need super snacks! and you my friends, will need these snacks because when you get this game you will be playing it so much your own super powers will be depleted without them! So for the next little while I'll be running a theme on Superhero Snacks based on some of the heroes from the game. It's a fun light hearted little project for me, and at the same time maybe I can help Phil and John share their awesome work! I only wish the lunchbox did exist, because you guys would need it to put all these snacks in. Watch this space...

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