Friday, 2 August 2013

The New Life of a SAHW

Poppy, our sixth furkid
Awhile ago my husband took a leap, quit his job, and started his own business. It was scary, exciting, and nerve racking. To be honest, I was a little put out - I wanted to start my own business, and he had made this decision quite suddenly. BUT, we had talked about it, and although it worried me at first, we put my plans aside for awhile, and now my husband is quite a busy man! 

Life for me, however, was becoming quite dissatisfying. I was stuck in an office all day, and although getting catering requests was great, I wasn't getting enough time to do it, as well as a full time job and look after the Beloved, our house, and all the furkids. The Beloved was also getting bogged down with paperwork. We tussled with the idea of me quitting my job, but it had to be viable. So, we decided to take a trial just living off what the Beloved earned for a few months, to see if it were possible for me to quit my job, and build up my business while looking after his paperwork. Amazingly, it did work, so we thought about it a bit more, took the plunge, and I quit my job.

So here I am, a Stay At Home Wife. Some might say I have thrown away all my feminist principles, turned back time by 50 years, and agreed to  keep house, and look after my husband. Well, yes. On the other hand, I'm not doing it because I HAVE to do it, I'm doing it because I WANT to do it. I am lucky enough to have that choice, and lucky enough to have a husband supporting my ambitions too. I'm putting my business admin skills to use by helping him, and hopefully I will get busy enough running my own business as well. That aside, I quite like being at home to make sure everything is neat and tidy, the Beloved comes home to dinner ready for him, and I get to bake more often! He works very hard, starts early, and often gets home late. Its nice that he doesn't have to worry about helping me out with the house as well now. 

In order for catering to be doable for me, we are converting our sunroom into another separate commercial style kitchen so I can cook from home rather than hiring a kitchen and having to work around other people. This is quite an exciting process, so I will be posting the progress as we go. 

I also have a few other projects up my sleeve, but it does mean I will have more time to blog now, which is GREAT!!!   It also means I get more time with our six furkids (we just adopted another ex racing greyhound), and more time in God's creation, growing our own fruit and veg. 

And in case you were wondering (as a few people have asked me), I won't be changing my title in future to a SAHM. God just didn't make me to feel the urge to have some small humans, He blessed me with a love of animals instead :)


  1. I'm behind on reading your blog, so I hope you see this comment. Your new self-employed lives sound incredibly exciting. Will you post pix as the commercial kitchen takes shape? I'd love to hear more about your new domestic life. I think there's a way to be a homemaker and a feminist and a Strong Woman, and even a career woman just in a different setting. I'm looking forward to reading about your adventure.

    1. Trisa! Where have you been?! I'm looking forward to seeing some posts from you during MoFo at your new location :)I'll be posting some pics, never fear. Renovations just always seem to take longer than you think...