Tuesday, 27 September 2011

International Vegetarian Week

International Vegetarian Week Challenge - October 1st - 7th

I know, I haven't posted at all the last week. But the builders have finished banging (we've been renovating), and I will be busy planting around the house now the danger has passed of boots trampling my plots. And I have been busily sorting through ideas getting ready for Vegan MoFo, so with about 5 posts a week over a month, you will be getting sick of me shortly! October 1st kicks off for me with International Vegetarian Week - I challenge you omnivores to try vegetarian for just one week! Come on, one week in the larger scheme of things isn't going to kill you. To get an idea of how to go about it go here http://www.animalsaustralia.org/features/veg-week/ It also happens to coincide with Be Kind to Animals Week - and what better way to be kind than to refuse to eat them?  October will also finish with a bang with the Cruelty Free Festival on October 30th. If you are in Sydney, I recommend the visit, even if it is to satisfy your curiosity! http://crueltyfreefestival.org.au/ So October is the month of vegos!
There are so many health benefits of a vegetarian diet. Truly being conscious of what goes into your mouth is the first step to a healthier body, and I'm going to give an example. My sister Sally came to live with us seven weeks ago. When she wanted to live with us, I warned her it would be club veg, as she eats some mea.t "Load me up" she said," I need more vegies." Okey dokey then! For the past seven weeks she's enjoyed a range of vegetarian and vegan dishes, including raw vegan such as green smoothies. We've had the odd naughty thing, high in fat (liken tofu nuggets) or sugar (vegan lamington cake!), but we eat pretty well. She seems to have gone through a bit of a detox as was evident in her skin, but it seems to be clearing up nicely. But the best thing for her has been weight loss.When she arrived, she was 98kg - and she's not very tall, so she has wanted to lose some weight. She has noticed her clothes are looser, and she tells me she feels "lighter."  So this morning we decided to do a weigh in. "I can't look!" she said, fearing nothing had happened. she didn't believe me when I told her what she was. Seven weeks later, she weighs 87.3kg! that's quite an achievement. And by the by, she also can't believe she's lost so much weight because according to her I do nothing but feed her! So if that's not a good advertisement for vegetarian eating I don't know what is!

So the point is, even if you don't believe it's better for animals and better for the environment, why not do it for yourself? do it for a week, or do it for a month -your body will thank you for it!

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