Friday, 9 September 2011

Vegan Vol-au-Vent Cases

This is going to be a two part post, because as there are lots of good filling options, I'd like to post about those separately. So for now, let's concentrate on the cases. Making vol-au-vent cases is really easy, and since I'll be darned if I can find a vegan one in the supermarket, why not make your own? You can make any size you like, from itty bitty bite sizes for a party, to main meal sized ones with a side of salad. You can make them a day or two ahead, and once cool put in an airtight container. Then all you have to do is fill them and warm up on the day.

You Will Need
1 pack pampas puff pastry sheets (or any other brand, provided the fat used is vegetable based)
Assorted sized round biscuit cutters.

Cut circles with the biscuit cutter, and gently peel off sheet.
Using a cutter the next size down, cut three quarters of the circles to make rings like so. (You don't have to use scalloped cutters by the way, as long as you have two different sizes you can do any shape you like. Maybe stars for Christmas?)

Take the circle and brush with water. Very gently peel the ring away (if you don't you will stretch the pastry and it won't sit neatly) Carefully place the ring on top of the circle. Brush with water and repeat with two more rings until you have four layers of pastry. (I only have three in the picture below, but four works much better and gives good depth).

Place on a biscuit tray lined with greaseproof, and repeat until you have the number of cases required.

Bake in a 180C preheated oven for approximately 15 minutes, or until light golden.

While still hot, use a teaspoon to carefully scoop out the middle bit of pastry that has puffed up from the bottom, and leave to cool.

It will take a bit of practice, but once you know how, it'll be a cinch!


  1. These are so cute! Maybe I'm new to the idea, but what a wonderfully genius and simple little treat. Great tutorial. Thanks!

  2. So glad you found this helpful. good luck making some!