Friday, 11 November 2011

Welcome to the Jungle...

Artichokes going nuts! They are bigger than me!

I know, I know, I know. I just seemed to have gone AWOL after MoFo. But I have been a very busy girl! Work has been a little bit busier for me when one of my workmates was on holidays, and straight after that I was preparing for a lovely event...a wedding! I don't have any photos at the moment...because in all the haste I completely forgot my camera...but I will make a proper post of it later. It was so much fun to do food for a vegetarian wedding with one of my best buds Meredith, and the Kitchen Fairy helped as well. Even the Beloved was indispensable on the day!

Can you find the little apple-lets?

Spring has finally come to the Mountains in full force and my garden is looking a bit jungle like, so I've imagined myself donning an Indiana Jones hat and wielding a machete to find hidden treasure...or alternatively, David Attenborough turning up and going exploring with a running commentary in that wonderful British accent, and finding one of my lost pairs of secateurs...but I'm rambling. We've been busy on every weekend for the past month, so it will be mowing and pruning for us on Sunday! But as I burrowed under towering broad bean bushes I discovered we'll be eating beans this weekend, and the artichokes have gone mad, so we'll have to have some stuffed artichokes as well. So many reasons to feel good at the moment. The rhododendrons and azaleas are in full bloom and the garden looks oh- so- pretty! And the weather is WARM!  And our house has been renovated. And the chickens and ducks are happy, and the cats have been basking in the morning sun, and its iced tea season, and Christmas is coming... and there will be lots of fresh produce coming from our garden. So I'll keep y'all posted!


  1. Thanks for making all that delicious food for the Wedding Kate. :)
    Those little savoury tarts were amazing....

    It was lovely to meet you! xo

  2. Thanks so much! It was such a boost to hear people comment on the food, and I loved doing it! Nice to meet you too!