Saturday, 31 December 2011

Christmas & New Year Roundup

Happy New Year! I would have loved to have done a couple of posts on New Year party food ideas, but alas, the week got away from me. Hope you all enjoyed a lovely Christmas and whipped up a fantastic vegetarian meal that may have won over a carnivore or two? And if this was your first vegetarian Christmas, I hope you enjoyed it and were surprised at how many more options you have than the standard turkey or ham.

I ate a LOT between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. It started with a dinner with my sisters and the Beloved; followed by Christmas at the Beloved's parents; followed by 'real' Christmas/Boxing Day with some beloved friends. (And the time I spent cooking with you on Boxing Day darling Merry wasn't a chore at all, it was a delightful activity shared with people I love). So if I gave you all a list of all the delicious vegetarian food I ate it would take quite some time. So suffice it to say, I am going to just about live at the gym this January.

So what did you get for Christmas? This year most of mine were food related (not a bad thing) and I was quite spoiled. Some of the highlights I got were...a stack of cooking books, my favourites being the gorgeously presented Tasting India given to me by my loving husband; and the going-to-be- invaluable Cooking Ingredients (with a donation inside to Animals Australia - just lovely) given to me by my sister- in- law Claire. 

The Beloved also got me a canning/bottling kit because according to him, he got sick of me burning myself and my cries of 'oo' 'ow' 'eek' when making jam. So although I now have a set of iron tipped fingers the kit is very much appreciated. 

And the piece de resistance - not one, but a whole set of Japanese chef's knives. Plus a knife sharpener for good measure. The Beloved told me (about 50 times) that I must look after them, so I'm a little afraid to use them! But it must mean the Beloved loves me very much, and /or he is anticipating lots of new dishes made with said knives this year. In either case it's a pretty darn good present!

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  1. Awesome canning kit!!! I've only canned a few things, and it scares me every time.