Monday, 12 December 2011

The Twelve Posts of Christmas: Vegan Pavlova

I have been looking for a product that will do exactly what it says it will do, and that is, to create a vegan meringue. And it has to be economical.  I have tried the Angelfoods Marshmallow fluff mix, but I thought it was a bit overpriced considering the ingredients, and the texture was a bit wrong. So I thought I would give the Orgran No Egg another try, as they now have a recipe for meringues on the back. Wowee! It worked beautifully!The Orgran recipe is absolutely perfect. It does take some time (two hours in the oven plus another hour cooling) but it was easy to go and do other things in the meantime, so it was no biggie. It took about 15 minutes to prepare, it's basically a lot of beating, but it wasn't complicated. I think the use of pectin rather than agar gives the meringue a much better consistency. I would like to have another go at these from scratch, without the packet - if I succeed there will definitely be another post. The finished meringues were crispy on top and lovely and soft and fluffy on the inside. You can make them a day or two ahead and put them in an airtight container, so what about a fantastic vegan Aussie pavlova for Christmas?! I topped this one with some Tofutti cream cheese, some blueberry sauce and fresh fruit. You could also try whipped coconut cream, or the Soyatoo stuff in a can. Let your imagination run wild!

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