Friday, 27 January 2012

Australia Day Dinner - Beer Fried Onions and Whatnot

So what does a vego eat for Australia Day? I have been asked this for the past week, because as a nation, lamb roast is a popular notion. Think the ad for lamb in the 90's where a girl (Naomi Watts by the way) wins a date with Tom Cruise, only to reject it because "Mum's making a lamb roast." That would be a tough call for me in any case, although I distinctly think a date with Tom would be the lesser of two evils. I could at least choose a salad right? Anyway, I digress.... chops, sausages (snags), and steak is the usual fare, although anything that can be chucked onto the barbie certainly goes. But we aren't missing out...
Dinner for us was- Veg snags;  jacket spuds; tomato, carrot & beetroot salad with tarragon and grapes; beer fried onions; pineapple skewers. Not a bad spread is it? And i got to use my cute new plates.

The day itself was rather uneventful. The downpours we have been experiencing for the entirety of this so called Summer made me disinclined to make the trip down to the lower mountains for the Australia Day Markets and the Australian Gnome Convention. Yes, we have a convention. And there are men who compete to to be the Gnome of the Year. Perhaps the Beloved should enter next year since he does have a beard... So I baked and cooked and schemed for the day, and  finished off  by watching Shine as a tip of the hat to Geoffrey Rush, who was awarded Australian of the Year (not to mention it's one of Australia's best films). 

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