Monday, 23 January 2012

Gluten Free Vegan Mock Chicken in Laksa

This post should really be entitled "what I ate Monday night" because I'm not posting a recipe. Rather, I'm sharing with you this odd product I found by accident in the health food shop, and now plan on using it often. Please forgive the unusually crappy photos, largely due to a can't-be-stuffed kind of mood. But I promise you a proper post this week with a recipe...after all, it's Australia Day coming up so I would be very unpatriotic if I didn't do something for that! anyway, this packet was on the shelf below the vegan laksa paste (yeah, I know, how lazy of me not to make my own). It looked kind of like a packet of fortune cookies (I didn't look very hard obviously, but in my defence the window on the pack is kinda opaque rather than clear). Anyway... it's a dehydrated soy product called "Organic Soybean Chicken" made by Explore Asian. I'm not usually a fan of mock meats, but being gluten free and vegan I was willing to give it a shot, and thought it might go rather well with my laksa, even if I already had a packet of puffed tofu in hand. It cooks in boiling water, and then you drain and use it for whatever you like. It's kind of bland on its own, like tofu, but it has an interesting texture, and absorbed the flavours of my soup so well, I think this would be a great product to try slow cooking with. It would also be amazing marinated and used in a stir fry.

It was pretty cheap for mock meat products, $5.45 and I can get four meals out of one pack. I think it's great to be gluten free as well, as so many of those sort of products are based on wheat proteins, which I find to be very heavy to digest, and wheat free vegans miss out. So go get some! Experiment! and tell me what you made!

See you Australia Day!

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