Saturday, 3 March 2012

Pretzel Cobs

Guten Tag! The Beloved bought me a cook book while we are away Vegie Burgers Every which Way. I think the idea was he bought the book so I could just make everything in it! There are some recipes at the back for making your own buns, and I was taken with the pretzel rolls. I always try a recipe from a book first time exactly as written, and then change it if I have to. Sadly, this was one of them. The quantities of liquid and flour is quite wrong, and since I made the first batch on a wet day when humidity was high, if anything I should have had to add more flour. They turned out ok, but were quite small rolls based on his instructions., and didn't rise very well, even in a pre-warmed oven turned off with the door open. So I just made a bread dough to my recipe, and then followed the rest of the instructions. I think part of the problem is the recipe has no sugar. In my experience bread need sugar, as this is what feeds the yeast and causes the dough to rise. So second time around I made small cob size rolls and they turned out beautifully! Now I need a vegie snitzel and some mustard! Guten appetit!

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