Monday, 9 April 2012

Autumn Planting - Garlic and Shallots

Finally, finally, I was able to get into the garden on this long weekend and tidy up, as well as doing some planting. The corn is ready, and the tomatillos have finally ripened (better late than never). Since I have a plot of coriander fresh salsa is on the menu.

. I've covered the pumpkin as the nights are getting a bit chilly and I have three enormous ones that are not quite ripe. It is nowhere near the 18 pumpkins I harvested two years ago, but some are better than none! And being so large, I may even have to cut up and freeze what I don't use straight away or the Beloved Mr Sprout will get sick of all the pumpkin soup, and corn and pumpkin pies.

I planted a nice big patch of purple Monaro garlic, as well as a patch of golden and red shallots. I know the shallots will do better than my poor onions planted last winter, and I can use the tops at the same time as they grow. The varieties chosen are suited to the cooler mountain climate, and having grown before, I know these will flourish. When choosing a variety check if it is suitable for your zone! Quite often garden centres carry plants unsuitable for the zone you are in (for example I saw corn and tomato seedlings the other day, totally unsuitable for planting here now). Both plantings are in a sunny spot in well drained soil, flatter or root end down, deep enough to just cover the bulbs 15 cm apart. The beds were fertilised with litter from the chook shed, so I won't need to do anything else with them for awhile! These have gone into the tomato beds to rotate my crops and prevent diseases building up in the soil. By October, I should have garlic for harvest.

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