Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Rawmazing Race

I planned on posting so much baking. But alas, things got in the the flu which somehow I got  and although I have told it the relationship is over and to please leave,  it just doesn't listen. Must be  a man flu then ;) huh? It is my own fault. I stopped having green smoothies for breakfast, and eating naughty things, and I guess my body just decided it couldn't stand up to the germs that have been circulating at home and the office for the past 6 weeks and all the white blood cells must have waved their little white flags and surrendered. So, it just goes to show the amazing power of green smoothies and raw vegan food, because I got through last winter with not a sniffle - the minute I slacken, I'm in trouble. So, while I'll be putting up a few more baking posts before April is over, I may not necessarily be eating much of it. I'm sure the Beloved won't mind, and neither will the boys at work on a Saturday morning - more for them!

So with that in mind, and a need to ahem, drop a few kilos, May will be all about raw. So, what's the Rawmazing Race all about? It's about me, trying to get really good fuel into my body, so that it heals itself, and getting my fitness back up to scratch. It's not easy for me partly due to having had my thyroid removed - this gland controls your metabolism. But, I have had great success before with mostly raw food and a really good workout plan. So, the mission? To lose some flab and feel fab. How am I going to do it? Race around the world via my plate and explore some tastes from around the globe in raw form. At the end of the month I should be feeling much better! The posts will probably not be as pretty as my other ones, as photos of dinner without natural light never really look that great - but it will be a chance to document what I eat. Wish me luck!

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