Friday, 24 February 2012

At The Seaside

It's so stressful being on holidays isn't it? Making decisions such as ...Another cup of tea? A stroll to the beach? Or a nap perhaps? We are currently on the sapphire coast of southern NSW in the small seaside town of Bermagui (isn't that the best name?) in a small cabin nestled in the bush. We awaken to hear bell miners and whip birds ( in fact, one of the bells decided to come inside and perch cheekily on the light and the roof beams). It is a short stroll to the river, and about a ten minute walk to the beach.

It is so lovely and quiet, as peak season is over and all the kiddies are in school. Being childfree ourselves, life is quite blissful! The weather has been beautifully warm and the sunshine has lifted our rain soaked spirits. While Prime Minister Gillard and newly resigned foreign minister Kevin Rudd battle it out between them, we almost feel we have dropped off the world it seems so far away. So, a beach picnic dinner is precisely what the doctor ordered. A piccolo of champers, olives, pickled onions, dip...

I made a broccoli and cauliflower quiche...

and a Thai noodle salad which I put in lettuce leaves cos I had no held up really well, and it was easy to eat as a wrap. I threw in some tomato from Aunty Jen's patch, some local cucumber which the bloke from the second hand shop gave to us for nothing (although I did buy a few other things) some lime wedges, and a squeeze of fresh Thai herb mix.

And dessert? Some white chocolate and apricot slice from Jen, and some fresh local apricots - which I think look like bums :) what a lovely evening!

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