Sunday, 26 February 2012

Holiday Vintage Finds...

 Coastal country towns seem to be a smorgasbord of well kept vintage treasures and ridiculously cheap prices. I have had a whale of a time sorting through the local charity and second hand stores finding myself various cups and saucers, plates, platters, fabric, and aprons! These are all to add to the pile for a little catering business called Sprout and Bean (more on that in the future), but some were purely for myself.

My find of the holidays was in Moruya where the Beloved spotted a second hand dealer. I was a little dubious as these places tend to charge an arm and a leg just for entering, but I swooped on some very cheaply priced English cups and saucers in almost perfect condition. I got five of them, and the nice bloke that ran the place gave me the lot for $45. I'm not sure if he just had no idea what he could charge for them, or he just sells cheaply for a high turnover, but I wasn't complaining, because if I bought these at our local antique store they go between $35-$45 a pop! The furniture was priced as per usual though, and he gave us some cucumber from his own farm for nothing which was nice. 

The Vinnies in Narooma had two Paddington Bear flat sheets in very good condition for $10, so I snapped them up as well. Not sure what I'll make with them, I'm torn between a dress or just using them as tablecloths! I don't usually post things that I sew or craft, but might make an exception for this one.

And Tilba...there is a very nice lady that makes custom design aprons, as well as selling vintage ones in a cute little shop in the historic village. I snapped up several very cheaply (3 half aprons for $10) while the Beloved was outside...waiting for me to stop chatting cos it turns out she used to live in Blackheath and knows Medlow Bath very well. It's a small world isn't it? Then the bloke in the General Store  got talking to us and it turns out his son is a cop in Blackheath, followed by the girl in the jewellery shop who's co -worker used to live in Leura. Is this the place where Mountaineers move to for a seachange? Maybe it's a hint...

I also picked up a couple of nice sandwich platters, and the second hand shop in Bermagui itself turns out to be the place for all things tropically vintage - I know a couple of people that would have got very excited in that shop! We picked up a couple of things there, one of which are these cute-but- tacky Japanese made salt and pepper shakers.

If we had more room I'm sure we would have picked up some larger items...but its probably just as well!


  1. Hey Kate,
    nice finds! Since I moved here I NEVER find anything in the op shops. Maybe you have to be a visitor.....
    I know the shop in Bermy you're talking about, Merry would've wanted the whole place! The lady wouldn't sell me anything, Not for sale!
    Which place in Moruya did you go to? I just started working in the Bookstore there and haven't had time to trawl for exciting things yet.
    Looks like you've had a lovely time on your holiday.
    Julie :)
    P.S. The Sprout & Bean Site's looking good. Exciting!

  2. Hey Julie - Moruya Antique New & Second Hand Traders - they are tucked away next to a motorcycle garage. Maybe its the timing of going to these places as well? We went on weekdays, presumably when they get in new stock. I find Vinnies isn't so cheap though - Salvos are the way to go!