Friday, 29 June 2012

The Rawmazing Race: Raw Chilli Stack in Piedras Niegras

Back to Mexico, because I was lagging a bit and didn't know what else to have. Plus I had avocado left over to use up. I actually had some regular low salt corn chips with it because I couldn't be faffed with the dehydrator mid week, and by the time I realised I wanted this, I would have had to wait three days for my corn chips to dehydrate!

For the chilli this time I put in some sprouted quinoa and mushrooms to be the "meat," partly because I was finding the nuts too much, and secondly because I had to use up that quinoa!  I also used up some pomegranate.  Very tasty, even without the chips , I will add the quinoa to the list of items to use to bulk out raw meals.

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