Saturday, 30 June 2012

Sprout and Bean Tasting Dinner

A couple of weeks ago Mrs Bean and myself did a tasting dinner for a couple that would like us to do their wedding. The focus is share food so we did an assortment of salads, a cheese plate with dukkahs, chutney, and cheese straws, and a few other things. I only took some pictures of the salads and cheese plate but it was all rather yummy if we do say so ourselves! My only concern at the time was that when I rolled the goats cheese in some fresh chopped herbs it looked a little like compost...although tasted nothing like it (I hope). Mrs Bean made the cheese straws, and I made the dukkahs - one was a tradtional dukkah with hazelnuts, and the other was an Aussie inspired one I concocted on the spot with some macadamias and Aussie herbs and spices.

Mrs Bean's amazing chickpea quinoa salad with feta - it was just as good without the cheese, but for a vegan version I might sub almond cheese.

One of my simple faves, orange, fennel, and spinach with pepper and an orange viniagrette

Beetroot and apple salad with pine nuts and goats cheese - again, a vegan version would be good with an almond feta

Mrs Bean's winter slaw with sesame...It had a tahini dressing, and I could swim in it!


  1. That looks amazing Kate! You guys are doing such a fantastic job! I am inspired and in awe!

  2. Hey Kez! Thanks for the sweet compliments! We are having a great time doing it :)