Friday, 12 October 2012

Vegan MoFo: Snow Day

Unfortunatel, due to a whacky chain of events, I am unable to post anything on food today! For those in the northern hemisphere, this day may not seem so strange, but for Australia, this is pretty unusual!

It all started when I got up this morning and found it snowing! Well, we get the odd snowfall living in the Blue Mountains, but nothing like today. I didn't get very far up the highway and got stuck waiting for about an hour and a half because of an accident. I finally gave up after calling work, and slowly drove back up to my house, skidding everywhere and sliding backwards trying to get up my steep driveway! The snow was falling pretty heavy by then, and although I tried to get a train, they had stopped operating because there was a blackout, and there was signal failure. Fail! I got the woodfire going, but didn't have power until late this afternoon. It was so eerie and quiet with all these trucks parked along the highway, and me walking up the middle of it trying to avoid falling snowdrifts and cracking branches! So that's why there is nof ood post today! But I do have some pretty pictures :)

Our driveway

Poor veg patch...not sure if it will recover, may have to replant

Trees bowed by the weight of the snow

Moko trying to work out what the hell all that white stuff was!


  1. Woah, snow! :O Lovely pictures!

  2. Wow, I can't believe it's snowing like this in Australia! It hardly ever snows like that here!

  3. Whoa! Sounds like there was little sign of this heavy snow coming ... I'm impressed you tried so hard to get to work. In Portland, Oregon area, even though it rains all the time, just about everything closes when it snows because cars and trees smash power lines, etc., just like you described here. I hope you ended up having a warm day at home. Funny ... I didn't really write about food, either; I wrote about rain.

    1. It would have been easier to be at work, they had power and I didn't! I did get the wood fire going though, but it was a wasted day. Crazy, never seen anything like it!

  4. I've never seen snow so these photos are so enchanting to me! Your poor veggies though :(