Monday, 22 October 2012

Vegan MoFo: Virgin Sangria

I'm a little behind on my MoFo posts, I missed two last week, and was too tired to attempt the Ironchef challenge, as much as I wanted to. Firstly, I've been way too busy and tired to make anything remotely worthwhile posting. I mean, I really don't think you want to see pictures of avocado and tahini on toast. Plus, I was busy working on the Beloved's birthday cake, which took up a lot of my time last week. So, here's a easy one to get me back into the last full week of Mofo. We had this tonight with nachos, and it was ridiculously yummy if I do say so myself.

Sangria has to be one of my favourite summer drinks. The problem is, it's a bit too good, so it's easy to have more than you should. It also tends to make me a bit too thirsty due to the alcohol, so I end up drinking a heap of water anyway. This one tastes just as good, and you can drink a bucket of it without too much regret :) So break out the tacos, cook some beans, whip up some guacamole and have a Mexican fiesta! 

400 ml pomegranate juice
250 ml cranberry juice
1 orange, juiced with pulp
200ml pineapple juice
250 ml ginger ale
strawberries and frozen cranberries, and slices of orange to serve

Juice the orange with the pulp. I did mine in my blender so it was more of a smoothie. Add all the other ingredients, give it a good stir, and serve in a large jug or punch bowl with slices of strawberries, orange, and frozen cranberries. The cranberries act like ice, without watering down the drink. Word of warning here. Due to some strange reaction I put the orange in the blender with some pomegranate juice and created a fluffy mousse monster. Goodness knows I suggest blending the orange separately and allowing to settle in the fridge before mixing it with everything else! Alternatively you could just use orange juice, but I like the pulp, it gives a better orange flavour.


  1. Oh oh oh!! I am soooooooo gonna make this! I LOVE sangria (as does my mother, and we both can accidentally drink faaaaaaar too much of it!), am v. keen for a virgin version :-)

  2. Mmmm... I've been wishing for a vegan book of non-alcoholic cocktails. Maybe you just started writing it? I'll buy it for sure!!!

    1. What a great idea!Maybe a zine...a book is a LOT of work!

  3. I agree with Trista- that would be great! I might just make this for an upcoming party.

  4. Made a big batch of this for a party last night and it was gone within minutes!

    1. So glad it was a success...maybe I should post some more of these coming up to Christmas? :)