Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Avocado & Pink Grapefruit Bruschetta with Blue Lentils

This is a really simple post today, I'm a bit distracted this afternoon as we have some pretty serious bushfires around Sydney I've been keeping an eye on this afternoon (the Beloved is working in Sydney today). My mind isn't really focused enough to be doing anything really fiddly. Last night, as I took the hounds out  before bed, I felt the warm north westerly winds picking up so I didn't have to put on my jacket. We've had some pretty warm weather the last few weeks, unusually warm for this early in Spring, especially for the mountains.  The thought fleeted across my mind that we could be due for a pretty bad fire season this summer. It must have been some kind of premonition because already we've got some pretty bad fires burning this afternoon halfway down the mountain and in some other areas in Sydney's outer west. It seems ridiculous that last MoFo I was posting about snow and today I'm writing about fire.

So here is my easy peasy lunch. I've been eating lots of pink grapefruit lately because they are so cheap, and I like them because they aren't quite so sour as the yellow ones. The avocado gives a nice buttery contrast to the sharpness of the fruit, and the blue lentils give a nice earthy punch. I cooked 1/4 cup blue lentils in some salted water, drained and set aside while I cut up the fruit and grilled the sourdough. I put some homegrown rocket on top of the toast, and scattered everything else over the top, drizzled with some garlic infused oil and some cracked black pepper. Voila! 

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