Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mac n' Cheese Nachos

My blog reader seems to be full of macaroni cheese and taco cleanse! So I thought why not join the party and put nachos and macaroni together? 

I made macaroni cheese using my go to white sauce recipe  that I use on moussaka and on occasion, lasagne. I smothered the macaroni on top of some crunchy corn chips, added some black beans, leftover tomato and mushroom sauce, chilli sauce, fresh tomato and avocado. I know it sounds like a weird nacho topping but it was so creamy, cheesy, and filling, and I didn't have to make cashew queso or quinoa chilli. Neat when you've run out of frozen containers of the stuff that you usually keep in the freezer for the times when its a table for one and it seems too hard to cook all of that! 

I really liked it, and I have a feeling the Beloved would have liked it too except he's away still and missed out. That means I'll have to make it again! 


  1. mind blown! Mac n cheese nachos? You're a genius! So trying this at the weekend.

  2. Oh, wow, this is awesome; what a cool idea! Mac & cheese nachos are definitely on my list of things to try now! :)

  3. excellent - I have now seen a taco in a tortilla and pasta on corn chips - mexican fusion is the best - love the sound of this

  4. Umm... can I have this now? This looks AMAZING