Monday, 30 September 2013

Vegan MoFo 2013: Some of My Favourites

Well, MoFoers, MoFo 2013 is almost at an end. I put down my spoon, wash my dishes, and hang up my apron. I'm on a juice feast for the next while,  as I'm not feeling that great. I've been a bit overindulgent of late (read: naughty things I know I shouldn't eat but ate anyway) and need to reboot my digestion. So you may not see many posts from me for a little while (unless they are juice or smoothie related!)

I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite MoFo posts to finish off the month.

Suzanne over at Hello Veggy made some very moreish looking citrus spiced tahini oatmeal. This is right up my alley, I reckon when I've finished my juice feast I'll be looking at you oatmeal!

Green Gourmet Giraffe made some pretty snappy looking sushi stacks. I like the construction of these, like teeny weeny sandwiches.

Shannon at Leaves and Flours made these awesome hummingbird cakes with pineapple flowers. I've seen these on pinterest too, but alas, have never bothered to make them. She's given me inspiration to make them - they look so pretty!

Julie at My Apologies for the Novel made some mozzarella! 

Kylie at Fellowship of the Vegetable made a pomegranate ginger cocktail. I think a cocktail night with the newlyweds at Sweets Workshop might be in order when they get back from their mini-moon. I reckon Kylie's recipes might float their boat!

Caeli at Little Vegan Bear made some gorgeous Pea and Mint Risotto - it made my heart sing it was a bowl full of Springtime! What's not to love about a creamy seasonal risotto?

 Almost Skinny Vegan Food made some Kasmiri Rogan Josh - I wanted it to jump out of the screen and into my mouth! Claire's been veganising a lot of fantastic cookbook recipes all month, you should check them out.

And last but not least Vegan Sparkles cherry ripe smoothie. Oh Rebecca, that is the most perfect sounding dessert smoothie. Yes, yes, yes! I'll have what she's having!

What were your favourites this year?


  1. Thanks for including my mozzarella sticks in your favorites list! I've really enjoyed your posts this Vegan MoFo! :)

  2. Thank so much for including me in your round up Kate! :) I really appreciate it.
    I hope you enjoy your juice feast- I just completed a 26 day one and even though I've only been eating for a week now I want to juice again! They really do make such a difference, I know you'll be feeling great again in no time x

    1. Thanks Claire, I had a peep at your juice fast/feast and found it super helpful to get me started. Do you find them even better/easier each time you do one?

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