Thursday, 5 September 2013

Vegan Devils on Horseback or, an Appetiser for Politicians

I am so ashamed. Tomorrow is Election Day here, and based on the polls, Tony Abbott is about to become the 28th Prime Minister of Australia.If you don't fancy listening to a bit of a political rant friends, then scroll down to the recipe.

I feel ashamed that my fellow countrymen - so disillusioned and fed up with the current government's internal feuds and backflips on policies- feel they have no choice but to vote for a narrow minded man who leads a greedy selfish party that wants to turn us into a greedy selfish nation. Get ready for a 4.5 billion dollar cut to foreign aid so you can have more roads. Asylum seekers - forget it Tony is going to stop the boats. Get ready for an apology to the Indonesian government for the Gillard government halting live export in 2011 (in response to cruelty committed to Australian livestock). Get ready for World Heritage listed areas to be delisted. Climate change reduction targets spending? Forget it. Renewable energy investment - you can forget that too. But that's ok, because Australians will have more roads to drive on (that's room for more cars and more pollution), and there will be more people around as well, because with Tony's paid parental leave scheme women will be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen doing the ironing where they belong. And since there will be more women at home, that's presumably how Tony is going to create more jobs. And while we're on the subject of women, apparently abortions are just "the easy way out". Yeah. This is the man that former Prime Minister Julia Gillard launched her famous misogynist speech on last year. And if you're gay, don't expect marriage equality to be on Tony's agenda. You can forget about an Independent Office for Animals too - because that's Kev's list, not Tony's. I am ashamed that a man who calls himself a Christian can be so narrow minded and selfish, and I feel ashamed that being a Christian myself he gives everyone else the idea we are all like that. It makes me want to cry in angry frustration. People don't realise it is not one or the other. There are other smaller parties and independents that if elected can prevent Tony from being given a blank cheque to get his bills through Parliament quicker than a bride takes off her nightie. So please fellow Aussies, don't waste your vote. Compulsory it might be, wasted it ain't.

So enough of the ranting. I want to have a bit of light heartedness today on Election Eve. I'll wipe my nose, dry my eyes and do some cooking.

This post is dedicated to you Tony - how about some Devils on Horseback?  And every time I stab a toothpick through a date Tony, I'll think of you ;)

Traditional devils on horseback are usually prunes or dates stuffes with cheese and wrapped with bacon. I've veganised them by stuffing dates with cashew cheese and wrapping them with eggplant.

And never fear, amongst all the devils you will always find an angel. Swap the dates for apricots and you can have some Angels on Horseback instead.

20 pitted dried dates (or apricots if you prefer the angels)
20 teaspoons cashew cheese
20 strips chargrilled eggplant
white wine (optional)
cracked black pepper

1. Soak the dates in hot water for a few minutes to soften, and then take out and pat dry.
2. Gently open up the dates - if they are already pitted they probably are already split down one side, just reopen it, or use a sharp knife.
3. Put a scant teaspoon of cashew cheese in the middle of the opened date, and push sides together slightly.
4. Wrap the filled date with a strip of eggplant and secure with a toothpick.
5. Place on an oven tray, sprinkle some white wine over the top, and bake in a preheated 180C oven for 10 minutes. if you don't want to bake them, they are just as tasty unbaked. Top with some fresh cracked black pepper and serve.


  1. I woke up this morning and hoped it had all just been a bad dream. Apparently not. These look great - i used to love Devils on Horseback...and I could certainly do with an excuse to stab something with a toothpick today. ;-)

  2. Did you buy the cashew cheese or make it? I've never seen it in the shop, but Ally from Made of Stars bought some at her market the other day. Am I missing out?

    1. I made my own but I have seen it in some health food shops. It's much cheaper to make your own!

  3. I love this post because it is so passionate and I just love your appetisers but I am sad when I read about Abbot - I was really upset at the suggestion that they roll back anti-racism legislation in the name of free speech. I wondered if playschool had a subliminal message last week with the theme of upsydown world!

    1. Playschool may just have been on to something there! It feels very upside down today I admit!

  4. Though I am not Australian I am now angry reading about this election from your post :/ Grrrr.... You write so thoughtfully and eloquently. I'm not typically one for politics (I stick to subjects like flour and sugar) but the way you write really has my attention :)
    On a bright note, this appetizer is incredible! I LOVE how you used eggplant to wrap the dates. Genius, I say--GENIUS!

    1. Somebody has to stick to the flour and sugar to balance us political Geeks out! Thankyou!

  5. It is a very sad state of affairs. To be honest it shocked me how much support Tony Abbott managed to rouse, I know there was a lot of instability in the labour party in the lead up, but's just embarrassing that we as a country could democratically elect this man to lead our country. Embarrassing and scary!

    Love the devils on horseback though, they look great :)

  6. These look and sound great :)

  7. Theese little appetizers look so delicous (foudn you through Green Gourmet Giraffe).
    I'm in England but have read about the election result and it does sound like a very sorry state of affairs indeed :(

  8. Oh my gosh, these apps are totally playing to my love for vegan cheese and my new growing love for eggplant. Seriously, this looks like you dreamed this up just for me. Did you ? :-)

  9. Perfect! I was just looking for a tasty vegan option for my sister in law for Christmas and these are ideal. Thank you.
    Oh and horray! No more Tony Abbott. Phew.