Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Little Break...

I haven't cooked all weekend, terrible, I know. But I just wouldn't have had the energy. It's been a very busy, long week for me, and after finishing work on Saturday morning I just wanted to flop. So the Beloved and I went to see a very dear friend of mine, whose parents own this amazing property. They are in the middle of building this fantastic passive solar house to enjoy their beautiful valley, and I'm looking forward to seeing it when it's finished. All of Susan's gorgeous grevilleas and bottlebrushes were in flower, and it was pretty warm weather! 

We did talk about food a lot though, as we are preparing to help out with some catering for a wedding, and Meredith was making sorbet - so this post still involves food. Meredith bless her cotton socks, made me lots of cups of tea, fed me a yummy dinner of a salad made with roasted vegies, green leaves, and toasted almonds; and finished it with some home made strawberry and coconut sorbets. I slept the best sleep I have had all week, and woke to the quiet of the valley, birdsong, and some wallabies bounding across the grass. I feel my batteries got recharged. So thank you Mez, and Stu and Sue my dears, for a little rest!

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