Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Some Tees for Me

I know this is not food related, but it's animal lover related, and that's just as important!  I've had the crappiest day  week  two weeks. And today, I came home to find some tee shirts I ordered (what feels like a hundred years ago) finally here! Hurrah! And so I have to share them with you. So the first tee is from the people at PETA, how cute is that cow? I love how the (roast) text is in that small print that reminds me of contracts or terms and conditions that nobody reads. But hopefully, maybe I'll get a second look or two?

The second I just thought was cutesy,but I love cats! I have four of them! So Yoshi kindly modelled it for me - that is to say, he just kept snoozing and I just stuck it in front of him. Awwww.

 All my cats certainly did have me at meow, or in Moko's case 'me-er' cos he can't say meow (he's the black and white puss)

And my girls...Sooki and Kimiko. How could you say no to those li'l faces?

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