Monday, 24 October 2011

Vegan MoFo: Tamales and Blue Corn Chips

I completely forgot to post these when I made them. How I forgot, I really don't know, because I was super excited when the package from Monteray Mexican Foods in Sydney arrived at what seemed like the speed of light - full of ingredients for me to make tamales and corn chips from scratch. Now, for those in the US it must seem I'm making quite a fuss over something that is quite ordinary, but for an Aussie, tamales are not very common. In fact, I suspect there would be quite a few of us who have no idea what a tamale tastes like, much as there are many Americans that have no idea about the delights of vegemite on toast. But anyway, I'm rambling. I made my tamales with a bean, tomato, and spinach filling, and I wrapped them in corn husks and steamed them away in my rice cooker. They worked out perfectly! And they were a hit. I had mine with Sheese spicy cream cheese, jalapenos, and vegan sour cream. They kind of reminded me of a Mexican flavoured steamed bun. And I had a go at making blue corn chips, which I pretty much, ahem, devoured alone. I'm not going to post the recipes right now, perhaps at a later date when I've done a tweak here and a tweak there, but I think I'll be ordering some more stuff soon. And I can't wait until my home grown tomatillos are ready for picking, because I have a hunch they will be quite spectacular with these! 

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