Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Vegan MoFo: An Indian Feast from Scratch

Pappadums, Raita, Bhajis, and Fresh Mango Chutney
Can I just say... I didn't make this tonight! I made this a few weeks ago and just never got round to posting, partly because it was pretty dark to take decent photos. What I made was Butter Tofu, Onion and Spinach Bhajis, Fresh Mango Chutney, Naan, and pappadums. (You can just see the naan in the photo below behind the butter tofu). I made it all from scratch (except the pappadums, I just bought the ones you pop in the microwave) using the recipes out of a cookbook given to me by my sister-in- law Claire. It is my go to cookbook for anything remotely Indian, and the recipes always work out. You know how some books have recipes that require constant tweaking?  The book is Traditional Indian Cooking by Ramola Parbhoo, and I recommend it. Although it has many non veg recipes, it is easy to veganise, as I did with the butter chicken recipe.
Butter Tofu with Basmati Rice
 I subbed coconut cream for regular cream and vegan margarine for butter. I will say this, agree or disagree with me, but curry pastes always taste better home made with fresh spices than the stuff out of the jar! And it really isn't that hard! You could use mock chicken pieces instead of tofu, but I think the firm tofu works pretty well. I used home made soy yoghurt to make the naan, and it tasted like the real thing. To cook the naan, it works really well on the hot plate of a barbecue rather than baking it in the oven, as it gets hot enough to bubble up and cook fast. At a pinch I use my cast iron wok, but it tends to smoke out the kitchen!   
Onion and Spinach Bhajis


  1. Oh, yum. I love indian food and that all look delicious. I always make my curries from scratch, but have never attempted naan or bhajis. Most impressive!

  2. It all looks great! I have to check out this cookbook now. Those Bhajis are calling my vegan name. mmmm